Good places to find quality thigh and leg tattoo artwork

Like I said before, I lot of what you see through a Google search, or on generic, cookie-cutter websites with tattoos have art that has been plastered all over the internet. A lot of the art is probably over five years old, too. Another tip you need to know is that a lot of these random places might actually have good thigh artwork that might actually seem to fit as a thigh tattoo or leg tattoo, but they aren't actually drawn to be inked on someone's skin.

This is because while the artist might be good at what they do, which is drawing, a lot of the artists don't know what it takes to make something that will look good once implemented as tattoos. They are not tattoo artists, so they don't really know what it takes. Thigh tattoos and all leg art will fall into this category.

I will show you how to avoid these mistakes below, but first, here is a quick run down of some great things about a thigh tattoo or any leg tattoos. These placements on the body tend to have a long life. First of all, they do not see the sun very often, which is always a good thing. Secondly, your thighs and legs, especially the area you would get tattoos on them, do not bend or fold very often, at all. You may not know this, but bending and folding of the skin can wreak havoc on a tattoo. This causes a "blending" effect". Have you ever seen a blurry or faded tattoo? Now you know why!

Now, onto the good places to find quality thigh and leg tattoo artwork...

Your best bet is to search through internet forums. I have not found a better place to find great, lesser known websites that have original art than on a forum. Remember, people love to brag when they find a hidden treasure, or a websites that has what they ant after a long search. There is no better place to spread the word to others looking for the same thing than a forum. I found this especially true when it comes to tattoos and artwork.

Whatever you choose, just don't settle for the random, cookie-cutter places and designs that are out there. Spend a bit of quality time looking for that thigh tattoo or any leg tattoos and you will get the perfect artwork or designs in no time.

Here are the 3 largest, most original websites to browse thigh tattoo art.

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