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Easy Henna Pattern - fine lines possible with Jamila

Easy Henna Pattern - fine lines possible with Jamila Professional aftercare is very important to make sure a tattoo is safe, heals properly and stays as beautiful as it was from the start. Permanent Make-up Here is a photo of a henna design for one of the talented stylists at BLU salon. This free hand design is based in part on her selection of a style of tattoo from one of the many design books I bring to work. It is also created to compliment the shape of her hand. I began to draw the pattern just above the wrist making a shell outline that is thicker on one side than the other. That pattern is filled with very fine lines. Next, I drew a curving line .. and while it may be hard to see at first.. if you look closely, you will see it. It is duplicated.. so there seems to be a ribbon.. filled again with very fine lines. The flower in the center of the hand was an important design component for this client. As well, since she works with her hands every day.. we tried to ke

Lizards! Tribal style henna tattoo

Lizards! Tribal style henna tattoo Cosmetic tattooing is a very popular way of wearing permanent make-up. Permanent make-up is mostly used to enhance the outlines of the eyes - eyeliner and the eyebrows. Eyebrows are sometimes lost due to illness, age, chemotherapy, etc and permanent make-up is usually the perfect solution to such a problem. Permanent make-up is also used on the eyelids, lip-outlines and on lips and on the skin to hide skin discoloration. It is also used to enhance or restore the breast's areola after breast surgery. Permanent make-up is also recommended and useful to people who have difficulty in applying make-up due to hand tremors, etc. I would love to give credit where credit is due .. and this great lizard pattern is not my own design. It is incredibly popular!! A great tribal style design . I really like the way its riding along the back of this lovely girl... so.. if you drew this pattern, my hat is off to you. If you know who did.. please pos

Celebrating Pregnancy with a Henna Tattoo for the Belly

Many people also find it useful when allergic reaction prevents the use of conventional make-up. In many countries, only highly professional and trained people, such as dermatologists and plastic surgeons perform these type of procedures. The initial results of permanent make-up are a bit pronounced and looks hard and and obvious, but soon fades to a more natural look in a few weeks time. The application process is painful, especially to the more tender facial areas and a local anesthetic may be needed to ease the discomfort. The process seldom can be done in a single sitting, which adds to the discomfort factor. Permanent make-up pigments fade away under continual exposure to harsh sunlight and after about ten years or so, will need to be touched up with regular make-up. How is it Done? Celebrating Pregnancy with a Henna Tattoo for the Belly It is always an honor & a pleasure to be invited to do henna in celebration of the birth of a child. The couple who came for mehn

Fine Line Henna Palms at BLU - Jacksonville Tattoo

Fine Line Henna Palms at BLU - Jacksonville Tattoo Traditionally tattoos were made by cutting designs or making small perforations in the upper layer of the skin following the desired design lines and surfaces and rubbing pigments into the wounds. Sharpened sticks, metal needles and other sharpened objects were used for this process. Mostly this process was done without proper precautions or aftercare, often resulting in painful infection and distortion of the original designs. Today specially designed tattoo machines are used with multiple needles. The machines are designed to make multiple perforations very quickly, that perfects shading and sharp lines can be made more distinctive. Tattoo machines make the process quicker and gives the artist more control over the desired results. I am so happy to have just received my first shipment of Jamila Henna. This is fresh, fresh henna from the June harvest.. and so finely ground that I just open the box.. and mix the powder right