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Simple Henna Design - Gilded Back of Hand Pattern

Not only is Emu Oil good for healing new tattoos, it is good for restoring older, aged, sun damaged tattoos as well. This is due to the natural hyper-oxygenation of Emu Oil which brings blood and oxygen to the surface of the skin. This, coupled with Emu Oil's ability to moisturize through all seven layers of the skin, allows users to see quick results when the oil is applied to older tattoos. Simple Henna Design - Gilded Back of Hand Pattern Here is a henna pattern for the back of the hand. I like it very much because the design moves so gracefully over the hand, is interesting, simple and elegant. Click the title of this post to see more patterns. This was the first design of the day on Saturday, 4/26 at the Midnight Sun, 1055 Park Street, Five Points, Jacksonville, Florida. We applied a bit of gilding, a spot of deep purple in the center of the flower & the outer drops. There are spots of gold int he pattern as well. I like the soft, elegant look this offers. I wait

Bold henna tattoo pattern for the leg

With the proper care of your tattoo from the start, there is no reason why you shouldn't enjoy the beauty of your tattoo for a lifetime. Bold henna tattoo pattern for the leg Many people are choosing to have henna tattoo applied to their legs this season. The good news is that both clients featured on the blog still have very good color one week later. This long lasting color gives us the change to work with shading and reapplication of new henna paste over existing designs. I hope to be able to post finished color of shaded tattoo in the near future. I will be offering henna tattoo today, April 26, at Midnight Sun, Park Street, Riverside, Jacksonville, Florida from about 1:00 pm until 5:30. Please feel welcome to stop by to look at pattern books, or to get a henna tattoo. More information and photos are available by clicking the title of this post.>

Henna Pattern for the Leg - with Gekko

Have you noticed that there are a lot of people that have Tattoos these days? In the past you may have only seen tattoos on people such as sailors, outlaws, and biker gangs but now tattoos are a very popular body decoration for many people. The types and styles of tattoos has also come a very long way. It is no longer crude pictures of pinup girls, skulls, and anchors. Tattoos have developed into very sophisticated art work ranging from Celtic crosses to very personalized symbols. People have found and created designs that express themselves in a very personal way. Henna Pattern for the Leg - with Gekko This photo shows how well henna can work with an existing tattoo . Do you see the gekko? If not, click the photo to enlarge the view. This design is based on the new bold style of henna pattern made popular by great artists whose patterns are online at Tap Dancing Lizard, although I did not use any particular pattern for this henna tattoo. The color developed over several days,

44 degrees on Wednesday Morning!

What is a Tattoo? Very simply a tattoo is a puncture wound made in the skin that is filled with ink. Although done differently today than in the past the technique is still somewhat similar. Today, tattoo artist use a tattoo gun that has one or more needles that penetrate the skin and delivery ink into the skin. Tattoos last a very long time due to the fact that the ink is placed deeply into the skin. The top layer of skins is called the epidermis and it is constantly shedding and being reproduced. If the ink from a tattoo was in this layer of skin it would not last very long. The layer of skin that the ink is injected to is called the dermis, which is a deeper layer of skin that is very stable and makes the tattoo stay visible almost permanently. Tattoos in the past were done manually with a tool that they tapped on the skin to make the puncture wound and then the ink would be injected by hand. Most tattoo shops today have tattoo guns or machines to do this today, although you

Peacock Arm Tattoo from Midnight Sun

Does It Hurt? Getting a tattoo can hurt and can take several hours or even days to complete depending on the size and design of the tattoo you are getting. The amount of pain can and will very depending on the location of the tattoo. Everyone has a different threshold to pain also. The art has a bit to do with it also. A good tattoo artist can provide less pain over a new or less experienced tattoo artist. Peacock Arm Tattoo from Midnight Sun We had a wonderful time at Midnight Sun today.. the first day of " Henna Season " in Five Points. I had to wait for the weather to warm up enough to make good paste. Also, with warm weather, we have some many more places to tattoo. Peacock designs were very popular today, and here you see a peacock theme on the upper arm. This pattern is a modification of the great art in the henna pattern book "Sangeet" available at Tap Dancing Lizard. I did several "Chef's Choice" patterns today, and will post some