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Lion tattoos ideas images Lion tattoos ideas images The roar of a lion is an amazing sound and is without doubt loud and frightening, and is able to transmit the images of strength, courage and power. The lion has been held in high regard for these exact qualities for thousands of years, representing these attributes in almost every culture throughout the ages. The symbol of royalty it is also considered royalty among the animal kingdom, "The King of Beasts". A nice post from like tattoo When choosing a lion tattoo most people tend to select a realistic looking lion image. You can have a calm, perhaps regal looking lion or maybe one baring its teeth, in a thunderous roar. The talent of the tattoo artist will decide just how beautiful or realistic the lion image appears on your skin. Lion tattoos images on hand and arm A tattoo can be created to almost any size within reason, and lion tattoos are no different, you can have just the head of the lion or you