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2009 Jamila Henna - Henna Tattoo This Saturday

2009 Jamila Henna - Henna Tattoo This Saturday Thanks to all who came for the Henna Tattoo Workshop at Bead Here Now. We had a wonderful time, and new artists discovered hidden talents! We also discovered that the 2009 summer crop of Jamila Henna gives a great deep stain very, very quickly. This summer's crop is one of the best for a deep rich stain. Ann George will be at the Midnight Sun this Saturday, August 21. 2009, offering henna tattoo in the afternoon. Some clients have already reserved appointments from 3:00 PM until 3:30 PM so you might want to call ahead to schedule a time to get your henna tattoo this Saturday. If this is your first henna tattoo experience, please visit the FAQ section on line at Spirit Vision Henna. If you are an artist and want a good price on super fresh Jamila Henna in the 100 gram box.. with FREE SHIPPING in the USA.. visit the Henna Powder page.