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Geekiest Tattoos of All Time

Geekiest Tattoos of All Time Not accurately “ art ” per tell, but I required to deal out this article Huffing ton Post lately put together of the “geekiest tattoos of all time” feature inks of hourglasses to Bill Gates. Though I adjudge to organism a lover and not a fighter of technology and tattoo organisation some of these tats may be cross my boundary. Some of them are really difference Geekiest Tattoos of intellectual while. Geekiest Tattoos and body arts Ps, does anybody undergo of a fine antonym for “Luddite”?


Here's another view of the horse tattoo Eckel posted on his blog a few days ago. Yes, on his blog. A picture. Of a tattoo. I know, right? Side Front Aaaand a whole different view, that you maybe didn't wanna see Sorry for traumatizing y'all, i'll make up for it with more pretty tattoo pictures in the near future, and maybe even a finished shot of this!

Dia de los muertos tattoos ideas images

Dia de los muertos tattoos ideas images Dia de los muertos tattoos ideas images A nice post from like tattoo Last few days in Hawaii design a beautiful tattooos Dia de los muertos tattoos ideas images Dia de los muertos tattoos ideas images Dia de los muertos tattoos ideas images Dia de los muertos tattoos ideas images Dia de los muertos tattoos ideas images

Some Uncle Allan booking info

No, we're not booking new clients for Uncle Allan just yet, but we have decided that telling people to check back later isn't exactly working out either. So, we have decided to start a waiting list for new pieces. An official one for new and old clients alike. All you have to do is send an email to the new email address (i will reveal that address later in this post) and you'll be on the list. Simple, right? In your email you should include your name and contact information and an approximate size/placement/general idea for the tattoo, so we can book the right amount of appointments for you. Foreign clients wanting a bigger piece should let us know how often they can make it to Denmark, and those of you who have already gotten tattooed by Allan (or Eckel or Electric Pick) should let us know what you've gotten done here in the past. If you don't include your ideas, we probably won't contact you first, so please don't forget that part. When

Flame tattoos ideas images

Flame tattoos ideas images Flame tattoos ideas images Find out more tattoos The best collection of phonix tattoos ever - Like Tattoo Phoenix tattoo meaning for men - Like Tattoo Phoenix tattoo ideas, ideas of tattoos phoenix - Like Tattoo Best dragon tattoos in the world - Like Tattoo Flame tattoos have always been popular, as they incorporate on of our oldest elements - the fearful flames. They look good alone, but many opt to use it as additional element to another tattoo idea. What's more, it can be used to renew an older tattoo, and bring it into new light. Images of tribal tattoos for men There are many meanings associated to flame, which are primarily transformation, destruction, passion, knowledge, and warning. It has been used in religious rites (the smoke wafting towards heaven), and is believed to make wishes come true. Flame is feared and respected due to its destructive ability which makes it ultimately powerful. In Christianity, it is a