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Some of the first modernized tribal tattoos designs

Some of the first modernized tribal tattoos designs. The first tribal tattoos were those of the south pacific Polynesian islands such as Samoa, Fiji, Tahiti and others. These were more culture influence designs then the ones you mostly see today. The tribal style seen today was innovated by pacific islander Leo Zulueta who was training under Ed Hardy at the time. He search and studied the designs of "culture tattoos", soon he came up with his own ideas and unique style of art-work. Since then it has grown into new levels of artistry that has taking the tattoo community by storm. Tribal Tattoos , although may perhaps appear to be very plain at times, they are without a doubt still one of the most appealing style popular today. In this article you will find helpful ideas, especially those of you new to the style of tribal tattoo . So explore the history of this beautiful art form that has been around for many