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Henna Tattoo Pattern Booklets from India

Throughout the US there are health and safety regulations relating to tattooing and body piercing; not so in Oaxaca, though it's a hot topic throughout the Mexican tattoo and body piercing community. The word "normas" is constantly being bandied about. The tatuadores at Tattoo Fest, and more particularly Kai, Tuna and Angy, made a point of indicating that most in the industry follow US norms for health, safety and hygiene. According to Tuna, the United Kingdom has the strictest, all-encompassing laws relating to tattooing and body piercing, which he views as a good thing. Henna Tattoo Pattern Booklets from India Here is a lovely little henna pattern booklet that is for sale at Spirit Vision Henna. Click the title of this post to purchase this book, or others like it. I have learned so much about traditional henna design by studying these little collections. When I first saw many of the patterns in booklets like this one, I was overwhelmed! Henna presented a new w

It is just too cold for henna tattoo!

It appears that virtually all tatuadores are sensitive to the clout carried by the authorities, even without specific laws relating to tattooing and body piercing. In Oaxaca it's the Secretaria de Salud (ministry of health) which does in fact conduct spot checks of studios, much the same as it does of restaurants in Oaxaca. It has the ability to shut down a restaurant, eatery or comedor, on the spot. And the same holds true for a tattoo studio. It is just too cold for henna tattoo! I had hoped to start the henna season early this year... and I may well be able to do so. However, as of this posting, it's 28 degrees, and tomorrow's temperature promises a high of 58. We will not be at Midnight Sun this Saturday, 1/17/09! Perhaps next week. Until then, enjoy the work of a very talented artist!

Henna - Saturday, January 10, 2009 at the Midnight Sun

The threat or perceived threat of incarceration perhaps serves a positive function in the tattoo and body piercing milieu. While Oaxaca's inquisitorial, Napoleonic legal code is slowly changing (oral trials arrived in the state of Oaxaca in 2007, albeit for only the most heinous criminal offences), the attorney general's office still has the right to jail alleged offenders of virtually any rule, law or regulation, where a personal injury has resulted. Without specific laws relating to tattooing and body piercing, perhaps Oaxaca's current legal system, as high-handed as it might appear, serves an important function for the tattoo-buying public. Certainly it appears to keep those in the industry in check. Henna - Saturday, January 10, 2009 at the Midnight Sun Spirit Vision Henna will be offering henna tattoo from 12:30 PM until... this Saturday at the Midnight Sun. Please stop by 1050 Park Street, Five Points, Riverside, Jacksonville Florida is you are in the mood for

Black Henna FAQ

"We won't work on a minor, plain and simple, without parental authorization," Tuna stresses. "And in fact, rather than relying on written permission from a parent, for me, I personally want the father right there in my studio when I'm working on his son or daughter." Black Henna FAQ A caller today was asking about the henna powder I sell. The caller wanted to know if it was black henna. I am blogging my answers to all his questions for those who are new to the henna process, as well as for those who are shopping for "black" henna. First, I do not sell black henna ... and to the best of my understanding there is no such thing. Henna powder is the result of grinding fresh henna, leaves. The resulting color left on the skin may be affected by the region where the henna was grown, the ground and climate. Fresh henna gives the deepest color, and good artists all have a special recipe. I publish mine on line for your review. Chemicals may be a

Bold henna pattern for the palms. Quick and easy.

Having been trained as a lawyer, Kai has a special appreciation for the implications of not ensuring a clean, safe work environment in his studio, and following health, safety and hygiene procedures established in other jurisdictions, "to the tee:" packaged needles; equipment kept under wrap; gloves and masks; first aid, fire and related health, hygiene and safety equipment close at hand; a "surgical" workspace segregated from the retail portion of the shop; etc. The back of his business card lists steps that should be taken by recipients of tattoos from the moment they leave the studio, to reduce and hopefully eliminate the risk of infection or other complication. Other tatuadores hand out leaflets listing the same or similar precautions that should be observed. Bold henna pattern for the palms. Quick and easy. You can drive with henna palms ! If you choose a bold pattern like this one it's very easy. You will notice that the left hand is full of henna