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Samurai tattoos ideas images Samurai tattoos ideas images A samurai warrior lived by Bushido, The Way Of the Warrior. It was not only a way of fighting and dying, it was a way of living. It became his moral code. This code was passed onto his sons so that it was ingrained in young men from childhood. While at its base was the essential warrior quality of courage, there were other character traits a man was expected to develop and practice. A nice post from like tattoo He was expected to live frugally and to act with loyalty, honesty, compassion and honor - rather like the Western notion of chivalry. Some of the virtues he practiced and continually aspired to follow are everlasting. Kanji strength tattoos can connect us to these time-tested and time-honored virtues and strengths. Japanese cherry blossom tattoos images Courage - A samurai's courage was deeper than the courage needed in battle. It was the mental and moral courage to face the day-to-day challenges of