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Some recreation images beside tattoos images

Some recreation images beside tattoos images So instead of an exciting news post, or even one with tattoos in it, you get a plants-and-random-crap-around-the-shop post! Office window Last week i planted sunflowers and poppies, and today i planted carrots, radishes and peas (not pictured)... all the unnamed plants in the back were there before, i just moved them a bit More herbs and veggies, if i don't manage to kill them, outside the kitchen window My birthday flower is still alive! While digging in the garden i found several buried treasures, this one even made it inside This one wasn't found in the soil, but it in an antique shop for 10 kr. It never friggin ends, does it... Ok, more garden related posts coming soon*, and some tattoo stuff too i guess. Another blog of mine is created, you can visit it and support to me, thanks many times. My new blog is

Where is notification when I ad google+ comment for my blogspot

Where is notification when I ad google+ comment for my blogspot? I have added Google+ comment for my blogspot of tattoos , but from that, I can not received any notification of comment, so I can not contact or answer comment from my visitor. How can I solve this matter. I have already asked a help for notification of google+ comment for blogspot from community but till now no one answer me. Haizz google+ comment The image as below is my comment system which built from google+ comment and blogspot, I think it is really nice and easy for visitor comment, but now the dis-advantage of it make me annoy. Google+ comment blogspot notification Any one who want to ad google+ comment to your blogspot , you can follow this post Bringing Google+ Comments to Blogger for full of instruction. Another way of this instruction you can see this video which helping you ad google+ comment for blogspot  for mor detail.

Thank for the super seo blogspot theme on my blog

I am appriciate the wonderful blogspot theme . I use it for my blog  of tattoo and it is actually usefull for SEO, especially SEO onpage. Thanks for the author of this blogspot themes. Now if you want to make a blog in platform of Blogger, you now can use this theme for the best of super SEO.

Where is my comment when ad google + comment on my blogspot

Where is my comment when ad google + comment on my blogspot Where I can find my comment ? From I ad google + comment on my blogspot, I can not received any comment from visitors. Who can help me??

Birthday flower for me

Birthday flower for me Nice and happy to me//

My birthday in April

This month is my birthday and the day is 18 of April. A nice cake of birthday for me. You are very kind congratulate to me. Thanks