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Dolphin tattoos ideas images Dolphin tattoos ideas images Dolphin tattoo designs have been skyrocketing in popularity recently. It has become very fashionable for both men and women to sport dolphin tattoo designs. Mankind has always been fascinated with dolphins and these animals have fired our imagination for the past several centuries. Even in ancient times, the seamen would get dolphins inked on their skin. The sailors of those times always regarded dolphins as their friends in the vast unknown dangerous oceans. They shared a strong relationship with these amiable fun loving mammals. There are also several fables reciting the tales of how dolphins helped ships lost in the storm or saved lives of drowning sailors shipwrecked in the ocean. The mariners also associated dolphins with good luck and so several of them had dolphin tattoos inked. A nice post from like tattoo Tribal tattoos designs and their meanings Today, dolphin tattoos are popular with women as dolphins

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