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Translate my tattoo 宮

Translate my tattoo 宮 so, i got a tattoo on the back of my neck on my 18th birthday and was told it would be the kinji symbol for "princess". 窮 typically means "exhausted/poor" through recent research via internet, all i can find is "princess" being 2 symbols not one. can you ease my mind and hopefully let me know this means princess? if not, i would love to know what it means and which language is actually on my neck. 宮 by itself alone means "palace", not quite princess.

窮 typically means "exhausted/poor"

窮 typically means "exhausted/poor" My neighbor directed me to your site after I mentioned to her that my husband had a kanji tattoo. He tells everyone that it is supposed to mean something along the lines of "to fight is to suffer", and then it later came out that he had gotten the tattoo for his ex-fiancée soon after they split up (before we ever met). Chinese Letter Friend's tattoo 空 I would be VERY interested to know what it translates to, because he says that he researched it really well before he was inked. PS- He has said before that the dragon and the kanji are not related, and that they were drawn up at different times. 窮 typically means "exhausted/poor".

Chinese Letter Friend's tattoo 空

Chinese Letter Friend's tattoo Top two character 地 獄 does mean "hell" Wondering if you could translate this. My friend thinks it says something like, "to learn as much as possible." 空 means " empty, hollow, bare, deserted".

Top two character 地 獄 does mean "hell"

My ex seems to think that his tattoo means "Hell's Warrior". The fella isn't the brightest crayon in the box and I would honestly be very surprised if he managed to get an accurately translated kanji tattoo in rural Idaho. Care to clarify it's meaning? Top two character 地 獄 does mean "hell" 慉 means "to foster / to bear", not "strength" Top two character 地獄 does mean "hell", however 武 by itself alone does not mean "warrior".

慉 means "to foster / to bear", not "strength"

慉 means "to foster / to bear", not "strength". Ah yes, another victim gets a tattoo when they were a drunk teenager almost 16 years ago -- has a feeling it doesn't mean what they think it does. Of course it means "STRENGTH", right?? Thanks! Your blog is hilarious, without trying to be. Dr. P ps, I can't wait to hear what it really means. 米 by itself alone means "rice" 慉 means "to foster / to bear", not "strength".

米 by itself alone means "rice".

米 by itself alone means "rice". So...I was told this was the symbol for 'chi' - a giggling oriental girl told me it means 'rice' (which I actually find hilarious.) Any other meaning???? Most 100 beautiful Exquisite Butterfly Tattoos for women 米 by itself alone means "rice".