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Daisy tattoos ideas images

Daisy tattoos ideas images Daisy tattoos ideas images Daisies used as tattoo designs?  Yes, of course. Daisies have been long used in the arts, it even dates back to the Medieval and Renaissance art where daisies are portrayed in numerous paintings. At present, daisies are popular body arts' design - that is in the form of tattoos. One of the simplest and most popular designs is the white daisy which symbolizes innocence. The white flower has been associated with children and the innocence of childhood. If you want to express your innocence, then a white daisy design can be the one for you. Flower tattoos designs and meanings Apart from what a daisy symbolizes, daisy tattoos are popular with women simply because most women love flowers. Getting flower tattoos such as tattoos with the daisy design serve as a form of body adornment for women. This design can also symbolize sisterhood, love and purity. Daisy tattoos  can symbolize different things to different peo