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Mermaid tattoos ideas images Mermaid tattoos ideas images The ancient Greeks had their Sirens, whose haunting songs lured many a seafarer to his death. And the fifteenth and sixteenth century explorers returned to Europe with tales of sea creatures who had the heads and upper torsos of a woman and fishes' tails instead of legs. They claimed that these mysterious and beautiful creatures were as deadly as the Sirens of old, and would lure men into the water by pretending they were drowning, only to squeeze their unsuspecting victims to death. A nice post from like tattoo Dolphin tattoos ideas images Sailors were the first to wear mermaid tattoos, possibly because they had no other way of capturing the mermaids' beauty. For generations mermaid tattoos were seen exclusively on men who made their living at sea; but as tattoos became more widely accepted as appropriate for everyone, the exotic and glamorous mermaid began to show up on all sorts of arms and torsos. She app