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Tattoos challenges everyday

 Tattoos challenges everyday So it's been steady lately, alot of new challenges everyday! Walkin at the NJ shop - his first one! A YOUTUBER'S TATTOO Another first timer.... this was a two session job, the lettering (yes its upside down) was his idea (it has special significance to him and his family). He sat well for it and I can't wait to see it healed. It was a challenge tattooing this area, however tribal and lettering are the best practice! Kudos to Nik for being a trooper for this one! This was a walkin as well, had a very specific way he wanted this design and the lettering so we went with it. Thanks to Carmen again for the We the People tattoo. Had a blast doing it and he sat so well! (done over at the NJ shop its across his shoulders) The roses and banners were done at No Ka Oi on a nice young guy, this was his first one. It healed great!!!!! Did another one on him it will be posted later on in this post! One of my good friends from