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Traditional Henna Tattoo - Great Art in 20 minutes!

Traditional Henna Tattoo - Great Art in 20 minutes! Here is another photo of henna tattoo. This pattern was done at The Midnight Sun in about 20 minutes. This is a free hand pattern, or a "Chef's Choice" henna tattoo. Art like this takes about 20 minute to complete. If you choose to have a spritz of the lemon sugar glaze applied to secure the henna paste to the skin, you may want to wait an additional 10 minutes for the henna paste to dry a bit before the glaze goes on. Henna tattoo is a heat activated art form. As temperatures in Jacksonville Florida become cooler.. henna will no longer be offered on a walk-in basis at the Midnight Sun. Henna gives the best finished color in the summer time because the weather is warmer, we tend to sweat.. thus the pores open & the henna paste can penetrate the skin . Also, when we are sweating, our perspiration  helps the paste stay moist on the skin.. and this also helps to get a good finished color. Henna parties

Henna Tattoo for Women of Color

Henna Tattoo for Women of Color Here is one of many photos taken at a spa day party I was so happy to attend. Many people see photos of henna tattoo on European skin and think that perhaps henna will not give a good result of different shades of skin. Mehandi is not a European art form, but comes from the cultures of Africa, India and the Middle East. Henna stains best on the palms of the hands for people of all races and skin types. The next best color of stain occurs when the henna is applied to the back of the hand. This photo features a simple, yet elegant henna pattern applied to the back of the hand. This is not black henna, rather a photo of the paste on the skin. Notice how the pattern makes the hand more lovely. Good henna designs always make the hand more attractive. All henna tattoo is by Ann George of Spirit Vision Henna - photos are taken by Ann George & are protected by copyright. Here are a few more images from the same spa day. Please

Bridal Henna Tattoo for the Back of the Hand.

Bridal Henna Tattoo  for the Back of the Hand. Here is a photo of a traditional henna tattoo pattern for the back of the hand.  The fine lines and full pattern are typical of a traditional henna tattoo pattern from India. Many customers also order this as a "bridal" henna pattern, although this tattoo does not go all the way to the elbow as is the custom for many brides. I used  henna paste made with finely ground Jamila henna powder, the 2009 crop, which made the paste flow easily from the hand rolled cone.  This year's crop of Jamila henna is wondefully "gummy" and make a very workable paste. I have learned to make a more liquid paste and to roll a more narrow henna cone to give better control over the flow of the henna. I think this pattern took about 20 minutes from start to finish. A glaze of lemon sugar was applied to help give good color, and to keep the paste on the skin as long as possible. Spirit Vision Henna is still offering henn