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Swallow tattoos ideas images Swallow tattoos ideas images Swallow tattoos have played a special symbolic part among various world cultures for thousands of years. Nowadays, these tattoos are still immensely popular and are often considered merely for the fashion and beauty aspect of swallow art. However, some of these designs have a deeper personal meaning as well. A nice post from like tattoo Meaning of Swallow Tattoos Since swallow tattoos have been an incredibly popular choice for body art fans, it naturally lends the question: What swallow tattoo meaning could apply to you? The historic designs of swallow tattoos goes back hundreds of years and begins with the plight of sailors. When a crew was sailing a long distance on the ocean, typically 5,000 nautical miles or across the equator, the travels were often full of hardship, sickness, starvation, and quite commonly, death. One sign that their travels were nearing an end was the appearance of swallows. Because thes

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Images of tattoo swallow design tattoo swallow pretty swallow for girls tattoos picture gallery 1 Images of tattoo swallow design Alex OK Tattoos Image Results Lori and I went to Ink and Dagger Tattoo Parlour today for the Tribute to  Tattoo Swallow Cigarette Case Swallow Tattoo Outline by ~kelequinn on deviantART Darkwave Tattoos Roxbury, MA. <Back to Last Page> Backpiece Tattoo With Ornate Hearts and Swallows Most popular are swallow tattoos, followed by phoenix tattoos. Royalty-Free (RF) Clipart Illustration of a Blue And Pink Tattoo Swallow  sparrow bird tattoo meaning famous bird tattoo designs for girls famous bird tattoo designs for girls 1  swallow tattoo 24354 jpeg jon's swallow tattoo Afghanistan. yeah , my bird flying out of the bush swallow tattoo rich cseri Swallow and Rose Quote tattoo by ~Shanny6907 on deviantART swallow tattoo,swallow tattoo