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How to remove tattoos

How to remove tattoos,  Tattoos removal Tattoos are meant to be permanent, so as you might imagine, they aren't that easy to remove. Generally speaking, tattoo removal involves destruction or decolorization of the tattoo ink or else removal of the skin that contains the tattoo. A surgeon usually performs one of the following procedures on an out-patient basis: How to remove tattoos, Tattoos removal Laser Surgery - This is the most common procedure because it is bloodless and produces few side effects. Laser light is used to break up or decolorize the pigment molecules. The color of the laser light depends, to some extent, on the color of the tattoo. Multiple treatments may be required. Effectiveness depends on several factors, including the chemical nature of the tattoo ink Dermabrasion - The doctor abrades or sands away the top layers of the skin to expose the tattoo and remove the ink. Some discoloration or scarring may result. Incomplete tattoo removal may result if

Best tattoos parlor

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Rant n Rave

So I know lately I've only been posting the tattoos Ive been doing, not so much going into detail like I did when I first started this blog. I've been in the mood to write lately, but when I go to do that I end up clamming up and just listed the tattoos I did and call it a day, until now. I have to say that this year I have changed alot, both mentally and physically. More than I thought actually. I've been doing alot of thinking, and reflecting on the long road that I have been on for so many years. It took me the entire 5 YEARS total that I have been apprenticing (including the shop I worked at before coming to work with Body Graphics) to realize that putting in your time really pays off. This is the main reason behind why I chose to take this long road with a very long apprenticeship. The thing that really interested me in tattooing wasn't just the artwork, it was the tradition being passed on from one person to another. It's definitely inspiring to finally fee

Tattoos history and where is tattoos come from?

Tattoos history and where is tattoos come from? People who are getting tattoo’s are aware of the kind of body transformation they are undergoing. The ink is basically being put underneath the skin and will remain there for the rest of their lives. The word tattoo first is seen in books and texts at about the year 1700. The word tattoo comes from the word tataw. Since that time in 1700, the ‘’tattaws’’ have undergone a HUGE transformation as we all know. So in 1700 the tattoo’s were first seen in books, but were are they originally from? Well the most popular part of the world where you can see tattoo’s are in Asia. From there, they spread out through the whole word. The first natives of Japan originally started with tattooing their faces to show that their men are real warriors. TIME FOR COVERUPS TATTOOS After that, it spread across Africa and tribes like the Maori, Polynesians etc. You can still see tattoo’s in these exact styles today on people’s bodies. Even though many peop

Design tattoo 3d of spider, bio-machanical, eyes, butterfly, big bear, and shrimp

Design tattoo 3d of spider, bio-machanical, eyes, butterfly, big bear, and shrimp Read more: Ankle tattoos images, a best collection all styles of ankle tattoos Design tattoo 3d of spider, bio-machanical, eyes, butterfly, big bear, and shrimp

Tattoo design 3d images

Tattoo design 3d images BEAUTIFUL TATTOOS 3D DESIGN