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New Shop for Beautiful Indian Jewelry

• Live entertainment including seven predominantly rock and reggae bands, as well as belly dancers and other forms of choreographed performances • An outdoor makeshift restaurant serving beer, soft drinks, and real barbecued hamburgers • Panel discussions and forums with themes including methods for advancing the reputation of this alternative art form in Oaxaca, and dealing with allaying health and safety concerns through the adoption of US-style norms New Shop for Beautiful Indian Jewelry I love the nose rings they have for sale at this new shop! Of course there are lots of other fine jewels, such as anklets, Buddhist jewelry, Indian gold Jewerly, Hindu jewelry, and more. This affiliate shop is " Exotic India " and they have published all their shipping information, guarantees etc. on their site. I have note decided which item will be my first purchase, but hope you will post a comment to share your experience with this new store. Namaste

Introduction to Henna Tattoo Video

Introduction to Henna Tattoo Video Health & Safety Issues a Concern of the Body Piercing & Tattoo Trade in Oaxaca, Mexico Here is a fun little video that answers many of the questions I am frequently asked about henna tattoo. It is almost warm enough - I hope - to start offering henna again . Meanwhile... here is a little video to enjoy. Namaste