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Lovely Henna Pattern for Hand and Arm

Lovely Henna Pattern for Hand and Arm Read more: How much do henna tattoos cost Here is a very popular henna tattoos design that is the creation of the fine artist at I love the use of negative space in this design. Know that this is a photo of the paste on the skin..... when the paste comes off, the henna will be a deeper richer color on the fingers and become lighter as it moves up the hand and arm. This is some of the interesting aspects of henna tattoos , and one that make your efforts at aftercare most important. The longer you leave the paste on your skin, and the hotter the environment you are in.... the deeper the stain will be. As well, if you choose to keep your arm and hand warm after you scrape the henna off, apply olive oil to the finished design, you will help the henna develop to its darkest possible stain. Some clients will wear a stock to bed the first night to help heat up the design.

Traditional Henna Pattern

Traditional Henna Pattern Read more: Henna tattoo design on the palm of your hand This is a photo of a traditional henna pattern . This is the art form of henna tattoo. You may choose a smaller version, a pattern for the palm, inner arm, foot or ankle if you prefer. I do not do "joke" tattoos, tattoos to "trick" a friend, loved one or parent. If you want to trick someone into thinking you have ink, the go to a gift shop, or stop by The Midnight Sun and purchase a decal. The application of henna paste ( which is a carefully crafted herbal dye made of powdered henna leaves, essential oils, herbs and spices ) requires time and attention by the artist. It is easiest to apply to someone who is comfortable sitting still for a period of time. This henna was sprayed with a lemon sugar glaze, and will be well cared for the the customer who purchased the art. The purpose of henna - the color of love - is to beautify. If you want to buy a cone of henna paste a

Henna Patterns - Hand henna tattoos designs

Henna Patterns - Hand henna tattoos designs Read more: Henna tattooing Here is a photo of henna tattoo designs done at The Midnight Sun. Please be sure to call ahead for your appointment. In as few a 15 minutes, you too may have an fine henna tattoo design drawn to your specifications. One of the young ladies came with a photo of mehandi ( henna tattoo ) design for the back of the hand, and it was modified to be most flattering to her hand shape. The henna pattern you see in the palm of the hand originated in one of the many pattern books on hand. As always, henna designs are customized to fit the wearer, and to ensure both a lovely pattern with paste on the skin as well as a dark finished color when the paste is removed. simple henna tattoo designs

Henna Peacocks... the joyful diversity of henna tattoo designs

Henna Peacocks... the joyful diversity of henna tattoo designs Henna Peacocks Read more: Traditional henna pattern Here is a photo of a henna tattoo for the inner arm . This image is of a henna peacock riding a paisley wave... embellished and spaced to fit the clients arm. This design runs from above the wrist to a few inches below the elbow. Henna tattoo will give a good stain on this part of the body, but the color will be more brown than red as the skin on the inner arm is more fine. I used a lovely henna powder from Henna Sooq for this paste. The paste is stringy, wet, and makes very fine lines, as you can see. I sprayed the paste with a bit of lemon sugar to keep it moist and to help it stay on the skin. One of the lovely things about the henna peacock design is that is easy to apply to a variety of locations. While the first image is intricate and took about 10 minutes to complete, the next image you will see is one of a tiny peackcock henna on a tiny hand.

Henna on the Palm - A simple pattern gives good color.

Henna on the Palm - A simple pattern gives good color. Henna on the Palm Henna on the PalmHere is a very simple henna tattoo for the palm of the hand. My client reported that she had an excellent out come with this henna tattoo, that the color was quite dark, and that the pattern lasted a good long time. I have just found out that the batch of henna paste I mixed up for Sunday did not give a deep an rich a stain for her as the paste I used to make this design. I can only imagine this is because I used a new henna powder.  All other steps I took to make the paste were the same... except the supplier for the henna powder. So, if any of my clients have not had a deep stain from their henna tattoo in the past two weeks, please give me a call!! I am very happy to give you a second tattoo at no charge if your first henna did not give good color.  I will make up a nice fresh paste using a henna powder that I know gives excellent results every time. I will keep shopp

Henna Tattoo for the Back of the Hand

Henna Tattoo for the Back of the Hand Henna tattoos for hand Read more: Henna pattern for hand and arm Here is an impromptu henna tattoo pattern for the back of the hand. You can see that simple design elements were repeated to create this mehandi. I used 2010 Organic Rajhisthani Henna powder from the Henna Sooq! A very nice powder indeed. This paste is made with that fresh henna - pulverized a bit with mortar and pestle to ensure freshest and finest of color, and blended with fragrant and relaxing essential oils as well as my henna tea blend. Hand henna tattoo The stones you see are all for sale at The Midnight Sun at 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204. Please call me directly to schedule your henna appointment. Design books are on hand, or browse the large portfolio of images on this blog or the galleries on my henna site. Please know, henna tattoo does not take well on the back of the neck, nor on the chest or the side. It is usually difficult