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Anchor tattoos ideas images Anchor tattoos ideas images Anchor Tattoos, Sailors and Early Christian History This is most definitely an interesting mix of history, symbolism and best of all tattoos. Tattoos picturing symbolic ship anchors have been a huge part of tattooing in the western world for over two centuries. You have probably seen these tattoos on a lot of elderly men. For example my grandfather has an anchor tattoo on his forearm. Originally sailors, navy servicemen, and other maritime workers would get anchor tattoos. These anchor tattoos have become known the world over and associated very closely with maritime activities. A nice post from like tattoo Black anchor tattoo, tattoos of anchor for men There are regional variations as to the meanings of certain colors, and other adorning symbols that go with anchor tattoos but most often an anchor tattoo is meant to be a symbol of holding one steadfast and strong. Also many sailors would get an anchor tat

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Anchor Tattoo Pictures Anchor Tattoo Pictures Anchor tattoo pictures. Skull and anchor tattoo. Anchor and rope tattoo picture . Anchor tribute tattoo picture. Girl on anchor tattoo. Eagle and anchor tattoo.