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Henna tattoo for summer - bold henna tattoos

Henna tattoo for summer - bold henna tattoos Tattoos might become an embarrassment if not done properly or professionally, therefore make sure that you know exactly how it should be done, where to put the tattoo, what size you want and if your homework is done properly you will have the perfect tattoo! Here is a photo of a bold leg tattoo I did just this past Saturday at BLU salon. My client knew just what she wanted, she chose a bold floral design for the leg from my photo portfolio. Of course, no two designs should ever be the same, and it is important to fit the style & the pattern of a piece to the client. I think this pattern, which wraps around to the front of the leg, works well. For those of you who are new to henna tattoo , this is NOT a photo of black henna. This is a photo taken with the henna paste still on the skin. The paste, which goes on a dark green color, dries to black. When the paste is taken off the skin, the traditional dark red, red brown, r

Henna tattoo artist at work.

Henna tattoo artist at work. The pain factor is something that first timers are wary of, but although everybody has a different pain tolerance, it is not unbearable and most people come back for a second tattoo - in fact, it is said that tattooing is addictive! I almost forgot to post a picture from the Grey Goose Gala - a film festival in Jacksonville, Florida. I really appreciate the opportunity to celebrate film.. and cultural diversity! Here is a photo of henna in process at a very upscale evening event where I had a great time. The event co-ordinators who hired Spirit Vision Henna Tattoo were pleased that so many people enjoyed a Mendhi moment. Notice those extra goose neck lamps? We were outside on a lovely Spring evening.. and they came in very handy.