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Sunset tattoos ideas images Sunset tattoos ideas images It seems like everybody loves looking at beautiful sunsets, which is probably why sunset photography is such a competitive niche. Let's look at some simple techniques that will help you to photograph truly stunning sunset images, the kind that stand out from the crowd. A nice post from like tattoo Sun tattoos ideas images Sunset Photography Rule #1: Protect your Eyes and Camera It is dangerous to your eyes and to your camera's image sensor to point your camera directly at a bright yellow sun. Using a long lens or optical zoom will magnify the damaging effects. Play it safe and get the better picture by waiting until the sun it is sinking below the horizon or is a dark red. Sunset Photography Rule #2: Capture the Color Ever run out the door to photograph a brilliant sunset but then after uploading to your computer wonder what happened to those saturated, bright hues? Usually the culprit is the ca