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Looking for a tattoo design

Looking for a tattoo design Looking for a tattoo design Like most people, I am very "visual" and years ago when I began my search for the perfect tribal tattoo, I was drawn to the top tribal tattoo gallery on the internet. This gave me the background, meanings and some illustrations of Tribal Tats and made my decision so much easier. This is what I found: A nice post from like tattoo Tribal Tattoos have a very rich history extending back to the era of tribal warriors. This is a very ancient art form, filled with deep spiritual meaning. Tribal tattoos were used as protection for warriors in order to give them courage and strength and to keep them safe in times of war or when they were out hunting. It was believed that a tattoo could give them power. Tattoos were also used to denote accomplishments, social status, lineage, ancestors and to honor their gods. Popular tattoo designs for men It was also considered a form of blessing for a tribesman or woman weari