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Chinese dragon tattoos ideas images

Chinese dragon tattoos ideas images Chinese dragon tattoos ideas images. Read more tattoos from Chinese: Chinese lettering tattoos images - Like Tattoo Chinese lettering tattoos - Like Tattoo Chinese tattoos styles, Chinese tattoos images styles, pictures ... Chinese Tattoos For Girls - Like Tattoo Chinese Dragon Tattoo Meanings This tattoo design is centuries old which adds to its appeal and mystic. It is a symbol of mystery and power, wisdom and good will. These dragons are considered good luck and are linked heavily with the number nine, as there are nine sections to the dragon. Qualities include loyalty courage and strength. Japanese Dragon Tattoo on Back The Chinese Dragon is a divine mythical creature that warded off bad spirits. They have a strong link with authority in China. The Chinese proclaim themselves "Long De Chuan Ren" or descendents of the dragon because when the first Emperor Huang Di died, (considered by the Chinese as their ancestor) legend