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Lasting image tattoos ideas

Lasting image tattoos ideas Lasting image tattoos ideas Durability is almost never a consideration when it comes to temporary tattoos. This is why you want to make your own stick on tattoo instead of contacting a manufacturer. You want to have fake tattoos and you don't really care how long it's going to last. But should you start taking durability into consideration? It's not just all about safety. If you make them yourself, you're making yourself open to risks brought upon by potentially unsafe ingredients and materials. But why exactly should you make sure that they're durable? You also have to make sure that your efforts are worth it when you make your own temporary tattoo. It's not a simple process. You have to buy the materials needed for the temporary tattoos. Once you have them, you'll usually go through a trial and error process. You'll end up with more bad fake tattoos than good ones. So once you get a lucky streak and produce some good on