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Neck tattoos ideas images Neck tattoos ideas images Tattoos no longer have the shock value they once had. With reality TV shows like Miami Ink on TLC, one could argue they have gone main stream. The stigma of tattoos has greatly declined over the years and has crossed both economic and social boundaries. The following are some interesting statistics: A nice post from like tattoo Panther tattoos ideas images o A Harris Poll done in 2003 revealed that 16% of Americans had at least one tattoo. That's roughly 40 million people. That's up from 6% back in 1936 when only 10 million Americans had tattoos. o A survey done by Esquire magazine in 2002 stated that 1 in 8 Americans has a tattoo. o According to a study in 2005 from The American Society of Dermatological Surgery, out of the people that they treated for laser and light therapy, only 6% were getting tattoos removed. o US News &